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Project 3dinga

Category : Download Store

Details on 3dinga website

The idea of ​​this website came to Mr. Rahmati's mind about two years ago to put all three-dimensional models in one place with the help and its own profile, So that users can easily find their models and use them in their scenes and projects by only using the simple site category or short search or tagging. An important part of this site is the sale of site users who can make good revenue. Web design was done for nearly a year ago by Atlas Web Company, but Mr. Sivan Rahmati has for some reason stopped working with this company and now the site has been designed and coded by Milad Ghofrani. 

  • Date : 2018
  • Client : Mr. Sivan Rahmati
  • Location : Iran, Tehran
  • Seen : 295
Working with Mr. Mehrdad Gharibdoust

" This project was conducted in partnership with Mr. Mehrdad Gharibdoust . "

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